Here at Shreddies we are passionate about healthcare and work closely with the medical community to ensure quality products are available for our customers. There are a number of benefits to washable incontinence products, primarily they are more economical over time, being up to 50% cheaper than their disposable alternatives. In addition to this they are far more environmentally friendly as most disposable pads cannot be recycled. They are easier to store as well as being discreet. However, we do recommend purchasing several pairs to ensure you have enough at any one time.

 Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine and is a very common problem that is thought to affect around three million people in the UK. Anyone can experience urinary incontinence, although it is more common in older people. The condition affects far more women than men, with one in one in five women over 40 experiencing the problem. We hand pick each style we stock to ensure they are as discreet and stylish as possible and that they look and feel similar to normal underwear allowing the wearer to feel more confident. Take a look at our new collection for 2017 including our new Ladies Lace Full Brief, Mens Inco-Elite Trunk and Waterproof Bed Pads available for both single and double beds.